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"Ms. Baker"
Beignet copy_edited
Stone Cold Fox"
Such A Vamp
"Hey Sailer"
"Take Me Away"
"Madame Leota Knows All"
"Martini Time"
"Warrior Leia"
Coraline Wall Final
"Til Death...Do Us Part"
"They Call Her Mother"
"My Kind Of Carrots"
"The Bride" - Sinister Sirens
"Monkeying Around"
"Mars Attacks"
"How To Catch A Mermaid"
"Take A Peek"
"Crown of Curls"
"Wednesday Addams" - Sinister Sirens
Commission Piece
"Mardi Gras"
"Hungry For The Holidays"
"The Voodoo You Do"
"Just My Type"
"Pick Your Poison
"You Float My Boat"
"Emily" - Sinister Sirens
"Bubble Bath"
"Miss Spirit"
"Pink Dreams"
"Pink Panther"
"Just Here For The Presents"

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