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"I'm Not Bad, I'm Just Drawn That Way"
"Ms. Baker"
"Mars Attacks"
"Such A Vamp"
Stone Cold Fox"
"Hey Sailer"
"Take Me Away"
"Martini Time"
"My Kind Of Carrots"
"They Call Her Mother"
"The Bride" - Sinister Sirens
"Monkeying Around"
"The Voodoo You Do"
"Til Death...Do Us Part"
"Warrior Leia"
"Cat Got Your Tongue"
"Madame Leota Knows All"
"How To Catch A Mermaid"
"Take A Peek"
"Crown of Curls"
"Wednesday Addams" - Sinister Sirens
Commission Piece
"Tight Rope"
"Mardi Gras"
"Hungry For The Holidays"
"Just My Type"
"Pick Your Poison
"You Float My Boat"
"Emily" - Sinister Sirens
"Bubble Bath"
"Miss Spirit"
"Pink Dreams"
"Black Cat Fever"
"Tale Of Two Audrey's"
"Pink Panther"
"Just Here For The Presents"

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